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Dismal Times

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Homage to Sarasate
Dismal Times

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I've seen your albums in the store and always thought you were beautiful, but then I heard you on St. Paul Sunday this week. You were amazing! Scott

  Scottish Fantasies for Violin and Orchestra

 Bruch: Scottish Fantasy, Op. 46
 Sarasate: Airs ecossaise, Op. 34
 Mackenzie: Pibroch Suite, Op. 42
 McEwen: Scottish Rhapsody “Prince Charlie”
 Pine/Fraser: Medley of Scots Tunes
Video Documentary: “The Making of Scottish Fantasies”


Works for violin and orchestra based on Scottish fiddle tunes – includes Bruch’s Scottish Fantasy and a duet with fiddler Alasdair Fraser
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"Everything about this release by violinist Rachel Barton Pine is exceptional, from the selection of couplings to the performances themselves...Without a doubt, this is one of the smartest and most purely lovable releases of the year." - ClassicsToday.com
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Fan CommentsFan Comments

This double CD is a real treasure, and a showcase of both musicianship and scholarship. Rachel Barton Pine has researched both the composers and the history of the performances of the works she has recorded. She has produced the most attractive booklet which goes with the CDs, in which she teaches the subject in an effective, friendly and captivating way. Particularly interesting is her documentation of Sarasate's familiarity with Scottish fiddling. Rachel Barton Pine is a virtuoso, but her musicianship shines and it makes her virtuosity just a tool. She is so much more than the flying fingers. In a winning combination with Maestro Alexander Platt, an immensely talented conductor, they have produced a classic which will be listened to for years to come. There may never be a comparable Scottish Fantasy and Pibroch Suite performance. The Scottish Chamber Orchestra is also at its best. These records' main value is in the interpretation, which is insightful and elegant. Sarasate's Airs écossaise is a totally charming piece. The Medley of Scots Tunes, by Rachel Barton Pine and Alasdair Fraser, a master Scottish fiddler, is an event. I admit to listening to it consecutively eight times, and would have listened to it more times, but was afraid of a total addiction. The great art of fiddling, the artists' dreams about their countries of origin, pictures of beautiful Scotland, and the musical finesse and musicianship are all the impressions you will come out with after listening to these great recordings. - Vera Kolb Gregory (Amazon.com customer)

A very pleasant, often lively, evocative and enjoyable set of CDs. The video documentary included in the second CD tells about how Barton Pine studied Celtic/Scottish music before making her recording, and the extra work shows in her ability to render the Bruch as a far lovelier recording than any other violinist has. She finds the tensions, the delicacies and the warmth of this piece. Add to that, the Sarasate is also beautifully done -- sorry it was so short a piece. On the second CD, the Mackenzie and the McEwen, not heard that often, are also really well done. This isn't fiddling -- you get true classical versions of the folk tunes hidden in these selections. Because of that, Pine brings out nuances that were never before explored, and she does it by showing you just how good, how rich, this music can be. The final piece, Pine's arrangement of Scottish tunes, is also enjoyable --a fun way to end an album that is both relaxing and delightful. Highly recommended. - Mccerner (Amazon.com customer)

Wow! The sound! The musicianship! This woman is gifted beyond her contemporaries! Put this one in the CD player of your car, and glide along on the current of pure melody! - old lady / new violin (I-Tunes customer)

  Scottish Fantasies for Violin and Orchestra
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