Rachel Barton Pine


Capricho Latino

Glazunov Concerto

A German Bouquet

Dismal Times

Beethoven & Clement

An Italian Sojourn

American Virtuosa

Scottish Fantasies

Solo Baroque

God Defend New Zealand

Brahms & Joachim

Double Play

Instrument of the Devil

Storming the Citadel

Black Composers

Liszt: Vol. 1

Handel Sonatas

Homage to Sarasate
Dismal Times

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Can't wait to hear you play live some day. Thanks for the beautiful music. Keith

  Double Play: Twentieth Century Duos for Violin and Cello

 Martinu: Duo No. 2 (1958)
 Schulhoff: Duo (1925)
 Ravel: Sonata (1922)
 Kodály: Duo, Op. 7 (1914)


Exciting Eastern-European duets with brilliant cellist Wendy Warner
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"Rachel Barton and Wendy Warner are major virtuosos who collaborate like best friends… The players' coordination and virtuosity are reminiscent of those of the best string quartets of today (think Emerson), and the generous program is vividly recorded. A superb disc in every respect. Encore!" - Amazon.com Editorial Review
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This is a great recording and a superb match. Fully recommend it. - jaqueca (I-Tunes customer)

Here is a fine presentation of four duos for violin and cello (think of opera duets for soprano and contralto) that are seldom if ever heard in concerts or on other recordings. We have here Martinu's "Duo No. 2," Schulhoff's "Duo," Ravel's "Sonata," and Kodaly's "Duo, Op 7" played lovingly by Rachel Barton (v.) and Wendy Warner (c.). And it is a good thing that the producers and artists have chosen for this offering four different national temperaments to be represented. Highly recommended for the rarity of the selections as much as for the playing. - Frank Behrens (Amazon.com customer)

  Double Play: Twentieth Century Duos for Violin and Cello
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