Rachel Barton Pine


Capricho Latino

Glazunov Concerto

A German Bouquet

Dismal Times

Beethoven & Clement

An Italian Sojourn

American Virtuosa

Scottish Fantasies

Solo Baroque

God Defend New Zealand

Brahms & Joachim

Double Play

Instrument of the Devil

Storming the Citadel

Black Composers

Liszt: Vol. 1

Handel Sonatas

Homage to Sarasate
Dismal Times

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I absolutely love your music. You're such a gifted and most talented lady. Margo

  Instrument of the Devil

 Saint-Saens: Danse Macabre, Op. 40
 Tartini: Sonata in G Minor, "The Devil's Trill"
 Liszt/Milstein: Mephisto Waltz
 Bazzini: Round of the Goblins, Op. 25
 Berlioz/Barton-Sinozich: Dream of a Witches' Sabbath from Symphonie Fantastique, Op. 14
 De Falla/Kochanski: Dance of Terror from el Amor Brujo
 Ernst: Grand Caprice on Schubert's Der Erlkonig, Op. 26
 Paganini: The Witches, Op. 8
 Stravinsky: The Devil's Dance from L'Histoire du Soldat (trio version)
 Sarasate: Faust Fantasy (after Charles Gounod)


Virtuosic encores – Witches’ Dance, Devil’s Trill, Round of the Goblins, Mephisto Waltz, and more
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"A frightfully good, thoroughly entertaining fire and brimstone recital, warmly (or, in keeping with the theme, hotly) recommended. Look out, Jack Nicholson!" – Fanfare
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Fan CommentsFan Comments

Once again Rachel has put together a "killer" CD. Rachel has shown excellent judgment in her choice of materials for this CD. I think Rachel breezes through these difficult pieces masterfully-her harmonics set my hair on end and give me chills. She seems to have a natural inclination for the fire of these pieces. - Chapman Tucker (Amazon.com customer)

I bought this CD after reading about the Ernst transcription of Schubert's "Erlkonig," checked out the reviews of a host of violinists who performed it--and was totally shocked when I heard Barton's performance of the piece. She actually gets the "four voices" of the narrator, child, father, and Erlkonig on a solo violin!! One listen and I could not believe that this was a solo violinist!! All of the compositions are just as memorable, and the two other artists who appear on the album are also excellent!! THIS IS A "MUST HAVE" RECORDING!! - Dr. Robert S. Bean (Amazon.com customer)

  Instrument of the Devil
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