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A German Bouquet

Dismal Times

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Homage to Sarasate
Dismal Times

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I've seen your albums in the store and always thought you were beautiful, but then I heard you on St. Paul Sunday this week. You were amazing! Scott

  George Frideric Handel The Sonatas for Violin and Continuo

 Sonata in A Major, HWV361
 Sonata in D Minor, HWV 359a
 Sonata in F Major, HWV370
 Sonata in G Major, HWV358
 Sonata in G Minor, HWV364a
 Allegro in C Minor, HWV408
 Sonata in A Major, HWV372
 Andante in A Minor, HWV412
 Sonata in G Minor, HWV368
 Sonata in D Major, HWV371


Handel’s complete sonatas with harpsichord and cello accompaniment by Trio Settecento
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"Rachel Barton's wonderfully vital Handel performances bring us some of the most refreshing, life-enhancing Baroque playing heard in years." - Chicago Tribune
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Fan CommentsFan Comments

This recording is pure indulgence. Barton plays with a confident, modern tone (standard pitch too), but uses ornaments and articulation typical of period performance. The lush interplay of the instruments creates an experience that I can only compare to the feeling of eating some heavenly desert. First there is the rich, solid (but never heavy) base of cello, the sweet ambrosial filling of Barton's violin, and a crispy crust added by the harpsichord, giving texture and structure to the whole pie. Perhaps this analogy is a bit far-fetched for a review like this (in fairness though, this is the first time I've even thought of comparing a recording to food), but listening to the first few moments of the A major or D major sonatas alone manages to make traditional categories of description seem inadequate to me. I heartily recommend this recording. - C. Dyer (Amazon.com customer)

This is a truly marvelous recording. The slow movements are played beautifully, with delicate and emotive ornamentation, while the fast ones are exciting and, well, fast. The cello sound in the continuo is also rich, with just the right character. - cadgenottosh (Amazon.com customer)

Only Rachel Barton could play at such a level, it is earth shattering. - HannibalLector (I-Tunes customer)

  George Frideric Handel The Sonatas for Violin and Continuo
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