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Dismal Times

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  Homage to Pablo de Sarasate

 Serenata Andaluza, Op. 28
 Miramar, Op. 42
 Introduction et tarantella, Op. 43

 Malaguena, Op. 21, No. 1
 Habanera, Op. 21, No. 2
 Romanza Andaluza, Op. 22, No.1
 Jota Navarra, Op. 22, No. 2
 Playera, Op. 23, No.1
 Zapateado, Op. 23, No.2
 Spanish Dance No. 7, Op. 26, No. 1
 Spanish Dance No. 8, Op. 26, No. 2

 Muiniera, Op. 32
 Carmen Fantasy, Op. 25


My first CD – Sarasate’s Spanish Dances and Carmen Fantasy with legendary pianist Samuel Sanders
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"What a pleasure to hear this delicious music performed with such verve!… Barton demonstrates wonderful musicianship throughout this recital, along with a technique which is excitingly dazzling even in this era of dazzling techniques." - Fanfare
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Fan CommentsFan Comments

This is one of my favorite recordings in my collection of more than 1200 CDs. The interpretation of the music of Pablo de Sarasate does not come much better. There is great energy and interplay between the musicians. In my opinion, the interpretation here is true to the spirit of Sarasate, whose artistic was know for the purity of the tone of his playing, which was free from any tendency towards the sentimental or rhapsodic, and to his brilliance in executing challenging technique. Like most of Sarasate's music, the melodies are accessible and they are mainly flashy show-pieces designed to demonstrate his exemplary technique. Rachel Barton's technique and unique sound of the 400-year-old Amati violin that she uses here is nothing short of astonishing. The Carmen Fantasy is absolutely brilliantly played - far better than the recording of the same piece by Anne-Sophie Mutter. I would highly recommend this recording to anyone with two ears who is interested in superior violin playing. - R.J. Brand (Amazon.com customer)

If you like classical violins, this has got to be one of the best CDs around. I listened to my son's copy over and over and am now buying my own. I could listen to this CD over and over and not get tired of it. Truly beautiful, the peak of the art. - (Amazon.com customer)

  Homage to Pablo de Sarasate
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